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RDC- Angola : She Okitundu au chevet des réfugiés Congolais

Dans le cadre des consultations régulières entre la République Démocratique du Congo et l’Angola, pays frontaliers unis par des liens historiques de fraternité et de consanguinité, le Président de la République Joseph Kabila Kabange a dépêché ce vendredi 19 mai 2017 un émissaire spécial auprès des autorités angolaises en la personne du Vice-premier Ministre, Ministre des Affaires Etrangères et Intégration Régionale Léonard She Okitundu.

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Can another civil war be avoided in DR Congo?

Political crisis looms in Democratic Republic of Congo as President Kabila clings to power despite his term ending.

The second and final term of President Joseph Kabila expired on Monday night.

His critics say he’s flirting with disaster if he attempts to hold onto power indefinitely.

Armed police have set up checkpoints around the capital, Kinshasa.

Soldiers are in position across the sprawling capital of 12 million people.

Opposition politicians speak of a “trial of strength on the streets” in coming days.

Is that a recipe for renewed turmoil?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


Kikaya Bin Karubi: Adviser to President Joseph Kabila

Ida Sawyer: Human Rights Watch

RDC : Kinshasa revient sur les « quelques incidents » qui ont émaillé la fin du mandat de Kabila

BKBK 19dec2016

Un casque bleu tué à Butembo, tension à l’Université de Kinshasa, des interpellations… Ce lundi, Kikaya Bin Karubi, le conseiller diplomatique de Joseph Kabila, a dressé le bilan de la dernière journée au pouvoir du président congolais.

« Non, il n’est pas à la tête d’une cellule de crise », assure un proche. Mais jusqu’à la dernière minute, Barnabé Kikaya Bin Karubi peaufine encore sa déclaration. L’heure est grave. À 23 heures 59, le second et dernier mandat du président Joseph Kabila arrive à son terme. L’élection de son successeur n’a pourtant pas été organisée.

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Congo in crisis by “Newshour Extra” BBC World Service

newhourextraOpposition leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo are warning that the country faces civil war if the current president, Joseph Kabila, refuses to step down at the end of his term of office. That term was due to end this month but elections will not now be held until April 2018, and his opponents have accused him of trying to cling on to power. The DRC is not only a key source of minerals required in modern technology, it also has the largest UN peacekeeping mission in the world. As tensions rise, can the negotiations overseen by the DRC’s Catholic bishops find a compromise? On this week’s Newshour Extra, Owen Bennett Jones and his expert guests discuss the future of the DRC, and whether further violence can be prevented. 

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Barnabe KIKAYA Bin Karubi takes issue with an editorial

To the Editor:

Re “A Foolish Power Grab in Congo” (editorial, Nov. 21):

After he came to office in 2001, President Joseph Kabila instituted competitive elections for the presidency and helped foster the adoption of a constitution that requires that an election be held before the incumbent can be replaced. In other words, he cannot leave office until the election happens.

Beyond legalities, the peace that President Kabila helped broker in the Democratic Republic of Congo is fragile. That is why Congo recently concluded a national dialogue that included opposition parties to create an election plan.

The dialogue decided that more time is needed to update voter rolls or else nearly half of eligible voters will be disenfranchised.

Also, elections in Congo are expensive and logistically fraught. The country merely needs patience and support from its friends to allow them to work.


Kinshasa, Congo

A version of this letter appears in print on November 24, 2016, on page A30 of the New York edition with the headline: A View From Congo. 


In DRC, Questions About President Kabila’s Intentions

President’s advisor says Kabila will respect constitutional term limits, not seek a third term

Nangaa DRC Feature

Corneille Nangaa Yobelou (right), president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), showed a sample ballot for the Congolese elections. Barnabé Kikaya Bin Karubi, a diplomatic advisor for Congolese President Joseph Kabila, is on the left. (Atlantic Council/Julian Wyss)

Joseph Kabila has no intention of seeking a third term in office. The fact that he will likely remain president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) long after his term ends in December—until a successor is elected—is simply because he respects the constitution, said Barnabé Kikaya Bin Karubi, the president’s diplomatic advisor.

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