Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

1 thought on “RDC: des incursions d’au moins six armées étrangères depuis le début de l’année 2020

  1. Prof. Kikaya,

    I just cannot understand why neighboring armies are snatching our congolese lands while we are part of the same block of SADC and other brotherhood regional groups. Do we owe them money for military assistance that we never paid? It jus does not make sense to me to watch civilized nations stand by and watch such abuse of territorial integrity of the DRC.

    Are the member states of the UN and the AUO condemning these actes? This is very troubling and really giving more reasons to those who believe that the UN and other global organizations tasked to keep world order are becoming absolete.

    I don’t believe that suffering of the congolese people is justified especially given all the natural resources that we have. We need to create an environment to allow Congolese to take charge of their own lives. I know that is very possible with good communication and leadership. There is no reasons for people to go hungry and rely on food import from neighboring countries.

    What is your take on this? Why are we not punishing the bad guys?


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