Cape Town, Joburg performances of convicted rapist Koffi Olomidé cancelled

Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town and the Gallagher Convention Centre in Joburg have cancelled the performances of Congolese musician and convicted rapist Koffi Olomidé.

According to BBC, the 62-year-old singer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, whose real name is Antoine Agbepa Mumba, was found guilty of the statutory rape of a former back-up dancer. She was 15 years old. 

The musician was handed a two-year suspended jail sentence and will be jailed if he commits further offences.

He was scheduled to perform at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand on Friday, June 28 and at Shimmy Beach Club in Cape Town on Sunday, June 30.

This is not the first time the Congolese artist is in trouble with the law according to Capital FM:

– In 2018, Zambia authorities ordered his arrest after he allegedly assaulted a photographer. 

– In 2016, he was arrested and deported from Kenya after he assaulted one of his dancers in the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

– In 2012, he was convicted in the DRC of assaulting his producer and he received a three-month suspended prison sentence. 

– In 2008, he was accused of kicking a camera operator from the DRC’s private RTGA television station and of breaking his camera at a concert.

Following protests by a group known as Stop Koffi Olomidé to bar the musician from performing in South Africa, Shimmy Beach Club released a statement saying that it will no longer host the disgraced musician. 

“Please note that @ShimmyBeach made the decision last week not to host the Koffi Olomidé event that was being run by an outside promoter,” the seaside venue tweeted on Tuesday.